Sunday? Already?

Update, update…

Not much to say except that the counter was a big ol’ mess this week, but it’s clean again.  Try again…

Haven’t tried the deodorant.  Will.  Probably not this week, either, but someday, it will happen.  In the mean time, I have deodorant left.

Day of rest?  Well last weekend I forgot to post about it, but it being Easter, I had gigs all weekend and was quite loaded down with that.  Then, since I was taking my trainer test on Monday, I studied pretty much non-stop when I wasn’t gigging.  So no day of rest last weekend.

Today, it’s also not in the cards.  We had far too much laundry to get it all done in one day, since we line-dry the clothes.  In the summer, hanging stuff on the line is the same or faster than using the dryer, but it’s not that hot out yet.  So there will be laundry.  I also have a client this afternoon and grocery shopping to do.  So it goes.

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